Are You A Horror Movie Trivia Buff? Take A Stab At Our Quiz!

Girl watching a horror movie
Girl watching a horror movie

It's actually amazing how much people love horror movie trivia. These films have entertained us…and scared us to death, since 1896, when the world's first supernatural flick, “The Haunted Castle” premiered. A 3-minute short, it spooked audiences in dark theaters – sending them scrambling home to suffer vivid nightmares.

There's something mentally cleansing about a good scare that draws us to the macabre. Panic results when the “fight or flight” syndrome kicks in – and you're stuck inside a dark, crowded theater, with nowhere to run. Sure, you can cover your eyes…but you do so at your own peril, as your mind will most certainly paint an even scarier image to match the screams and haunting music.

Do you dare step into the darkness with us, to test your knowledge of horror movie trivia, by taking a mind-raking journey into the world of the supernatural..the occult…the ax and knife-wielding slashers? There's no turning back now, so buckle up, buttercup…We'll be waiting for you at the other end. Probably.

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    In which cult classic 1997 horror movie did Jon Voight play a jungle guide who takes a documentary film crew on a hazardous boat ride through the Amazon jungle?

    • King Kong
    • Swamp Day
    • Anaconda
    • Piranhas
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    In 1999’s Lake Placid, Bridget Fonda plays a paleontologist who is sent to a fictional lake in Maine to investigate a deadly attack by an unknown creature. What type of gigantic predator is then discovered…being fed by Betty White, no less?!

    • Tyranasaurus Rex
    • Woolly Mammoth
    • Saltwater Crocodile
    • Giant Vampire Bat
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    In 2017’s It, children of small town Derry, Maine are stalked and terrified by a demonic, dancing clown, known by what name?

    • Rattles
    • Beezlebub
    • Buttons
    • Pennywise
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    Who was the father of Rosemary’s Baby, in the disturbing 1968 film of the same name?

    • Dracula
    • Dr. Jeckyll
    • The Black Demon
    • Satan
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    In 1980’s hair-raising classic, The Shining (based upon a book by Stephen King), Jack Nicholson plays an aspiring writer who accepts a job as an off-season caretaker at an historic – and very haunted – hotel, located in which U.S. mountain range?

    • The Colorado Rockies
    • The Appalachians
    • The Adirondacks
    • The Blue Ridge Mountains
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    A bucket of what type of liquid was spilled over Carrie’s head at her prom, in Stephen King’s riveting 1976 hit movie of the same name?

    • Corn syrup
    • Melted chocolate
    • Pig's blood
    • Automotive Oil
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    In the 1992 film, Candyman, how was the murderous urban legend summoned to appear?

    • Light a candle, and clap your hands three times.
    • Repeat his name five times while looking in the mirror.
    • Throw a handful of candies into a roaring fire.
    • By using a Ouija board with the lights turned off.
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    Which 1974 slasher flick, featuring a common household item as a weapon, was banned in many countries due to complaints about its level of violence?

    • Friday the 13th
    • Hellraiser
    • The Night of the Living Dead
    • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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    What did the Lutz family find behind a wall in the basement of their home in 1977’s riveting and spooky, The Amityville Horror, starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder?

    • Skeleton bones
    • A mass grave
    • A passage to Hell
    • A secret room containing mummified corpses
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    In the gruesome 2002 horror film, The Ring, after watching a cursed videotape that contains disturbing and sickening imagery, viewers receive a phone call from a mysterious stranger. Two words are whispered to them. What are they?

    • “Seven days”
    • “Four more”
    • “Go away”
    • “Don't look”