Are You A Horror Movie Trivia Buff? Take A Stab At Our Quiz!

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    In which cult classic 1997 horror movie did Jon Voight play a jungle guide who takes a documentary film crew on a hazardous boat ride through the Amazon jungle?

    • King Kong
    • Swamp Day
    • Anaconda
    • Piranhas
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    In 1999’s Lake Placid, Bridget Fonda plays a paleontologist who is sent to a fictional lake in Maine to investigate a deadly attack by an unknown creature. What type of gigantic predator is then discovered…being fed by Betty White, no less?!

    • Tyranasaurus Rex
    • Woolly Mammoth
    • Saltwater Crocodile
    • Giant Vampire Bat
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    In 2017’s It, children of small town Derry, Maine are stalked and terrified by a demonic, dancing clown, known by what name?

    • Rattles
    • Beezlebub
    • Buttons
    • Pennywise
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    Who was the father of Rosemary’s Baby, in the disturbing 1968 film of the same name?

    • Dracula
    • Dr. Jeckyll
    • The Black Demon
    • Satan
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    In 1980’s hair-raising classic, The Shining (based upon a book by Stephen King), Jack Nicholson plays an aspiring writer who accepts a job as an off-season caretaker at an historic – and very haunted – hotel, located in which U.S. mountain range?

    • The Colorado Rockies
    • The Appalachians
    • The Adirondacks
    • The Blue Ridge Mountains
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    A bucket of what type of liquid was spilled over Carrie’s head at her prom, in Stephen King’s riveting 1976 hit movie of the same name?

    • Corn syrup
    • Melted chocolate
    • Pig's blood
    • Automotive Oil
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    In the 1992 film, Candyman, how was the murderous urban legend summoned to appear?

    • Light a candle, and clap your hands three times.
    • Repeat his name five times while looking in the mirror.
    • Throw a handful of candies into a roaring fire.
    • By using a Ouija board with the lights turned off.
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    Which 1974 slasher flick, featuring a common household item as a weapon, was banned in many countries due to complaints about its level of violence?

    • Friday the 13th
    • Hellraiser
    • The Night of the Living Dead
    • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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    What did the Lutz family find behind a wall in the basement of their home in 1977’s riveting and spooky, The Amityville Horror, starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder?

    • Skeleton bones
    • A mass grave
    • A passage to Hell
    • A secret room containing mummified corpses
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    In the gruesome 2002 horror film, The Ring, after watching a cursed videotape that contains disturbing and sickening imagery, viewers receive a phone call from a mysterious stranger. Two words are whispered to them. What are they?

    • “Seven days”
    • “Four more”
    • “Go away”
    • “Don't look”