Are You A Muggle Or A Wizard?

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    You're all alone at night and you hear the front door creak loudly. What do you do?

    • Scream
    • Shrug
    • Wander over to check
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    You have a big project due in an hour that needs a lot of work. You:

    • Panic
    • Call a friend for help
    • Relax and know you'll get it done in time
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    Your favorite spell is:

    • Obliviate
    • Expecto Patronum
    • Accio
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    You just got dumped. Ouch! You react by:

    • Taking some time for yourself
    • Getting back out there immediately!
    • Never dating again
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    Someone asks you for a quick favor. You:

    • Do it no questions asked
    • Inquire a bit but do it once you're satisfied
    • Go dark and stop responding to them
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    You catch a cold. What popular remedy do you turn to first?

    • Eat some delicious chicken noodle soup
    • Take some medicine
    • Drink lots of water
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    You're in a foreign country and you're trying to find a place to eat. What do you do?

    • Ask a local
    • Go to what seems popular
    • Decide to make your own food at your hotel
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    You get a flat tire and you're all alone. What do you do?

    • Fix it
    • Call a tow service
    • Call a friend