Can You Ace This Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz, Sparky?

Christmas movie watching
Christmas movie watching

Think you can ace our Christmas movie trivia quiz? If you can't wait to enjoy gingerbread cookies and some of the most inspiring movies ever, then maybe you can!

No matter what your age, or whether or not you believe in Santa, EVERYONE has a favorite Christmas movie. There are always the nostalgic classics such as Miracle on 34th Street and It's A Wonderful Life. With newer hits like A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, The Santa Clause, and Polar Express, there's something to inspire every demographic.

These movies have everything from the cheesy to the emotionally exhausting, from Christmas fantasies to Christmas miracles. From snowflake kisses to rekindled romances, audiences have been captivated and glued to their seats by these magical holiday movies. So before you snuggle up with your significant other, or gather in front of the TV with the entire family give our Christmas movie trivia quiz a whirl. It's sure to put you in a festive holiday spirit!

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    What type of dangerous “toy” does 10-year old Ralphie Parker try to convince his mother, father, teacher, and Santa himself, to allow him to have in 1980’s timeless and iconic holiday tale, A Christmas Story?

    • A tomahawk
    • A Red Ryder BB Gun
    • A potato gun
    • A Buck knife
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    What is the name of miser Ebenezer Scrooge’s business partner, whose ghost warns him of an impending visit from the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come, in Charles Dickens’ enduring classic, A Christmas Carol?

    • Bob Crackett
    • Ernie Simms
    • Jacob Marley
    • Phillip Stanton
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    Which tiny resident of Whoville visits The Grinch because she doesn’t believe anyone should be alone at Christmas, turning him emotional and inspiring him to have a change of heart and alter his nasty ways – in the Christmas classic, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

    • Lindy Lou Who
    • Cindy Lou Who
    • Sally Ann Who
    • Mindy May Who
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    What gift did mini-crime fighter Kevin bestow upon the homeless “Pigeon Lady” at the end of 1992’s family adventure Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, pledging that they would forever remain friends so long as they both had one?

    • A turtledove
    • A photo locket
    • A plastic ring
    • A Christmas bow
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    In the fictional universe of 1946’s family Christmas drama, It’s a Wonderful Life, starring Jimmy Stewart, what does it mean when you hear a bell ring?

    • An angel receives their wings
    • A child gets a present
    • A man proposes to a woman
    • A child is born
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    In Tim Allen’s classic 1994 performance as a fill-in Santa Claus in the Christmas staple, The Santa Clause, what happens any time his young son shakes his snow globe?

    • Santa's flying reindeer take off
    • A present is wrapped
    • His father (Santa) will appear
    • Santa goes down a chimney
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    Expecting a large Christmas bonus check to pay for the pool he has already ordered, what does Clark Griswold finally receive instead as his office bonus in 1989’s laugh out loud comedy, Christmas Vacation?

    • A small turkey
    • A Christmas tree star
    • One year membership to the “Jelly of the Month” club
    • A snow globe
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    In the classic Christmas favorite from 1947, Miracle on 34th Street, at what large department store did Santa work, and in which city was it located?

    • Macy's in New York City
    • Bloomingdales in Chicago
    • Sak's Fifth Avenue in New York City
    • JC Penny's in San Francisco
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    Which familiar actress appeared briefly as Mrs. Claus at the end of 2018’s The Christmas Chronicles, which starred Kurt Russell as Santa?

    • Dolly Parton
    • Katie Segal
    • Sharon Stone
    • Goldie Hawn
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    In the 2004 family Christmas hit, The Polar Express, what pivotal item does young Billy lose through a hole in his pocket – only to find it as a gift on Christmas morning when he returns home?

    • A gold coin
    • A bell
    • A picture of his father
    • A mood ring