Halloween Movie Trivia For Ghouls And Ghosts

Scary Halloween jack o'lantern
Scary Halloween jack o'lantern

Time to test your knowledge – and luck, of course – of the macabre, with some terrifying Halloween movie trivia! While the origin of “All Hallows' Eve” remains unclear, Halloween is when people around the world remember the dead.

In many countries, every October 31st, children adorn themselves in costumes that represent their fantasies and alter egos. Some dress as monsters, witches and other monsters, while some dress as superheroes and princesses. They run door-to-door screaming “trick or treat,” a custom which playfully threatens mischief on treat-less homeowners.

Property owners decorate their porches and lawns with pumpkins carved with ghoulish faces and frightening jack-o'-lanterns – either to ward off evil spirits, or perhaps to scare away the threatening and menacing children!

Like clockwork, scary Halloween movies released each fall tantalize and terrorize audiences in advance of this spookiest night of the year.

Now take our fun quiz to find out how many of these movies you remember!

  • Question of

    What was the “warm-up question” given to Casey (played by Drew Barrymore) by the man on the phone, in the original 1996 Scream movie?

    • What camp did Jason stalk?
    • How many donuts are in a baker's dozen?
    • Name the killer in HALLOWEEN
    • What breed of dog was lassie?
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    What was the first known animal to be resurrected in the 1989 horror movie, based upon what Stephen King considered his scariest story, Pet Sematary?

    • A dog
    • A cat
    • A cow
    • A bird
  • Question of

    What was the best way to avoid being sliced and diced by the gruesome killer in the red-striped shirt, Freddy Krueger, in the popular The Nightmare on Elm Street movies of the 1980s and 90s?

    • Wear a garlic around your neck
    • Stay awake
    • Wear body armor
    • Say his name three times
  • Question of

    In the 1999 gothic horror film, Sleepy Hollow, superstar Johnny Depp played NYC constable Ichabod Crane, who was dispatched to investigate unbridled mayhem caused by which legendary supernatural being?

    • The Headless Horseman
    • Dracula
    • The Ghost of Blackbeard
    • Satan
  • Question of

    In the original 1978 Halloween movie, how did slasher Michael Myers first acquire his (soon-to-become) trademark white mask, after escaping from psychiatric custody?

    • He found it in the gutter
    • A child gave it to him
    • He made it by hand
    • He stole it from a hardware store
  • Question of

    In the 1988 comedy horror hit, Beetlejuice, starring Michael Keaton in the title role, what did the recently deceased married couple, Barbara and Adam Maitland, hire him to do?

    • To seek vengence on their killers
    • To scare the new owners from their old home
    • To haunt their old neighbors
    • To terrorize their old landlady
  • Question of

    In 1975’s classic comedy-horror musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, what were the first names of the couple that sought refuge on Halloween night at a scary castle occupied by transvestite Dr. Frank N. Furter?

    • Brad and Janet
    • Steve and Mary
    • Brian and Jane
    • Frank and Judy
  • Question of

    Trick or Treat, a 1986 horror movie about a teenager who is haunted by the ghost of his rock hero, features cameos from two real-life rock stars. Name them.

    • Davie Bowie and Mick Jagger
    • Gene Simmons and Ozzie Osbourne
    • Marilyn Manson and Steve Tyler
    • Rod Stewart and Phil Collins
  • Question of

    In the original 1988 Chucky horror flick, Child’s Play, how did the Chucky doll become possessed?

    • A witch used black magic to bring it to life
    • A demon took it over
    • By using voodoo to transfer a soul into it
    • A curse from a gypsy woman
  • Question of

    In the spine-tingling 1982 supernatural outing, Poltergeist, seven-year old Carol Anne (played by the late Heather O’Rourke) stares blankly into the static on a television screen. A ghostly white hand reaches out from the TV, followed by a violent earthquake. What famous, and spooky, line does Carol Anne then utter?

    • “I feel them”
    • “They're here”
    • “Get out…now!”
    • “There's no way out”