Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?

It's that naughty and nice time of year again. The joyous time when we reflect on all of the things we did this year that made us laugh, cry, cringe, smile and shout. Most of us have things we did which we are certainly proud of, and other things we did of which we are not.

But did our niceness outweigh our naughtiness? Which list did we end up on?

You can be sure Santa and his trusty Elf on the Shelf have been watching our every move (spy technology is crazy these days!), and they already know the answer, but perhaps you haven't realized it it yourself. Will it be a lump of coal for you or a bountiful harvest of presents? It's time to find out with our naughty or nice quiz!

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  • Question of

    Did you forget an important birthday or event for someone you hold dear?

    • Yes, but I feel terrible about it!
    • No, I don't do that
    • Yes, but it wasn't a big deal
  • Question of

    Did you donate anything to charity this year?

    • Of course!
    • I don't remember
    • No, sorry
  • Question of

    Are you currently feuding with a friend or family member (for whatever reason)?

    • Yes, and it's my fault
    • No, all clear
    • Yes, but the ball is not in my court
  • Question of

    Did you thank everyone that has given you something nice this year, be it a gift or just kind words?

    • Whoops, there are a few I need to get back to…
    • Of course
    • I honestly don't know
  • Question of

    If Santa observed how you behave when you are all alone, he would:

    • Smile
    • Frown
    • Question life itself
  • Question of

    Are there any things you did this year that still weigh heavily on you to this day?

    • Yes, I have some regrets
    • No, I've cleared my conscience
    • I don't really pay attention to the past
  • Question of

    What list do you think you should be on?

    • Naughty List
    • Nice List
    • The Purgatory List (You hope for presents but don't think you entirely deserve them)
  • Question of

    Did you return your shopping carts when you were done with them?

    • Yes, it's the least I can do
    • No, not my job
    • What? You're supposed to do that?